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First off, new avatar! I'm a GIF fan so a change was inevitable, but I admit the change from dark blue to yellow is a little weird at first.
Oh and another group-related note, please try to submit any non-CLE works directly to the "Other Code Lyoko" folder rather than Featured, it makes it a lot easier to sort ^^'

Secondly (old news), Canal J has aired episodes 20-26 and they're available in low quality French (unfortunately not on iTunes), links to which are available on the episode journal entries. Aaand I can't seem to find any subs for them...I'm probably just looking in the wrong place. If you know any links, drop them in the comments!

But yes, Moonscoop (France) has now been bought by the animation company Dargaud. We won't be hearing anything about Moonscoop's TV series for a while, and the future of Evolution is still uncertain. There's a translation of the article here on
And Moonscoop US has now turned into Splash Entertainment (article).

Other than that, not really a lot of news about Code Lyoko Evolution. But we can hope for something in future, right?
Looks as though Canal J is about to break the episode hiatus!

While some French people are a little miffed about not having the channel, Canal J has started to air Code Lyoko Evolution with a rather strange schedule. I'm not going to try and explain, but in short, episodes 20-26 should be aired in mid-December, starting on the 13th and ending on the 20th. Here's the TV guide if you're curious.

Yeah, 3:34am. The episode on the 14th is listed as being Rivalry for some reason, but I think that's just a mistake.

Meanwhile, France 4 continues delaying the episodes, they're up to their second rerun of episode 10 now.
Hello everyone, it's been a while! Not much has happened since the release of the remaining episodes in Hungary due to Moonscoop experiencing financial difficulties. And yes, some rather bad news: the hiatus was forecast to end a few weeks ago, but then France 4 just started from episode 1 again. Canal J is rumoured to be picking the series up in November, and they typically air episodes more than once a week, so hopefully we won't have to wait until next year to get the remaining episodes in French.

In the meantime, has been focusing on a different ending to the series, one that never got an official English version:

Remember this? Dubbed the "Code Lyoko Chronicles" by, these four novels were first released in Italian in 2009 as part of the Code Lyoko Reloaded marketing campaign. They were translated into a number of different languages, and eventually books 1 and 2 were released in French, but none were ever officially translated into English, and the French never saw books 3 and 4.

Until used their resources to pull a team together to translate them, that is. Now, the site sports a huge section detailing the history behind the novels, their story, info on the fanslation project, scanned and translated images from the novels themselves, and each available novel in PDF form. At the moment only book 1 The Underground Castle is available in English (translated by Rhys Davies a few years ago, big thanks to theaaplfreak for giving us permission to use it!), but from now on, a new chapter of book 2 will be released every Monday.

It's going to be a long and arduous project, but eventually, all four of the Chronicles will be available to read in English on The news post recapping today's release of book 1 has been posted at this link, with a download link to the PDF.
SPOILER WARNING: Episode 26 - Ultime mission/Ultimate Mission
French title: Ultime mission
Airdate: 2nd of August (Hungary); 19th of December (Canal J)

WATCH (original French)

WATCH (Hungarian dub)
English subs | French subs | Spanish subs

Aelita comes out of her daydream about her mother to answer to the other Lyoko Warriors. She's positive that she will find another way to contact her mother, even with Tyron's supercomputer destroyed. And given the enormous threat XANA poses to the entire world, Anthea could only be proud of Aelita for her decision. Her mind is made up: they will destroy the Cortex that very same day.

All six members of the gang set off for the Cortex. When they arrive, William is forced to stay behind to guard the Skid while the others get to the Dome. Tyron has modified the Cortex's environment, meaning it will not change as they cross the terrain, but it shouldn't make a difference when they use the virus. The former XANA Warrior is given the green light to follow after the Megapod as Supersmoke.

But it's not going to be a walk in the park: XANA spots them and sends in three Mantas. The girls disembark from the Megapod to fight them while the boys stay and use the cannon, but the vehicle is quickly destroyed, Odd and Ulrich along with it. William arrives to help and the three remaining Warriors push on to the Dome. Aelita opens the door, but is devirtualised soon after. William quickly fllows and Yumi if left alone, the door closing just as she reaches it. She turns around to face the final Manta, and it flies away...
The gang must now wait 12 hours to go back.

The next day, Aelita receives a call from Jeremie. The others are waiting for her at the factory. But as she leaves her room, she runs into Jim, who tells her that the principal wishes to see her. When she arrives, a man is waiting for her at the desk. Aelita recognises her visitor instantly and begins to back away, but Jim stops her. Tyron smiles back.

The principal says that Aelita should be happy to learn the news the man brings: her mother is alive. Tyron reasons that she's probably in shock from the news; suddenly learning that her mother is alive, and remarried! Tyron is now her step-father!

The others are getting impatient. Yumi goes to look for Aelita while the others wonder if she possibly changed her mind about what they were about to do. They decide to wait on the Cortex to find out.

According to Tyron, he and Anthea have been married for four years, making him Aelita's legal guardian. He can take her back to Switzerland to see her mother again...but Aelita refuses, much to Delmas' confusion. Tyron presents her with a tablet which Anthea recorded a message for her daughter on. She says she's very happy to know that she's alive, and that Aelita can trust Tyron to reunite them. Tyron hands her a locket with a photo of a younger Aelita and Anthea inside. However, there's a catch: Aelita can only see her mother again if she agrees not to try and destroy the Cortex supercomputer! Aelita adamantly refuses: XANA is too big a threat.

This is when Yumi bursts in and discovers the scene. She and Aelita flee, and Tyron calls his chauffeur to help him look for the girls in the park with a GPS device tracking the locket Tyron gave to Aelita. Yumi takes the locket (from which Aelita removed the photo) and walks around the park to lead the men away from the lab while Aelita heads to the factory.

Aelita virtualises next to the Skid and she and the boys set off on their respective vehicles. They make it to the Dome without any trouble.

Yumi wanders through the park, examining the locket now and then. She is suddenly grabbed by Tyron, who snatches the locket from her hand. The chauffeur arrives and restrains her, and Tyron tries to interrogate her as to Aelita and the others' location. Yumi gives no response. Tyron makes a phone call...ordering one of his workers to shut the supercomputer down!

Aelita and Ulrich enter the Dome while Odd and William stand guard outside. When they reach the interface, the large white sphere in the centre begins to dim. The platforms around them slowly start to float down towards the floor. The supercomputer is being shut down! Aelita works on, opening a path for the virus. If they don't succeed, Tyron will just wait a while and turn it back on again. The path open, Jeremie tries to bring them back in...but nothing happens! The shutdown procedure is blocking their signal! The four Warriors on the Cortex are forced to flee!

Outside the Dome, the central platforms also begin to fall. They have to make it to the Skid, or they'll be lost in the Digital Sea forever! They board their vehicles and hurry to their submarine. All around them platforms descend and fall, causing a few near misses. Ulrich and Aelita fall, the Overbike devirtualised, but are saved by the other two. All four continue on foot...they almost reach the Skid...
The platform tips, creating steep a slope. All four of the teens slide down it and off the edge.
The Dome explodes. The scanners don't open.

Yumi can't believe her ears. Tyron and his chauffeur leave her standing in the park, horrified. After a moment of silence she sprints to the factory, tears forming in her eyes...

She's welcomed to the lab by everyone else, safe and sound. The virus was transmitted, but didn't take effect. It will destroy the supercomputer once it's turned back on again...unless Tyron develops an antivirus and stops it from working, reviving XANA once again. And as long as Lyoko is active, XANA still has a way of escaping. They too must turn their Supercomputer off...for now. But they will always be ready for whatever may happen in the future.

The Lyoko Warriors assemble behind the control panel. Jeremie removes the key and the Supercomputer descends into the floor of its chamber, the lights going out one by one.

SPOILER WARNING: Episode 25 - Hécatombe/Massacre
French title: Hécatombe
Airdate: 1st of August (Hungary); 18th of December (Canal J)

WATCH (original French)

WATCH (Hungarian dub)
English subs | French subs | Spanish subs

While the girls (sorry, Yumi and Aelita) are on a mission in the Cortex, a tower is activated in the Mountain Sector. They're forced to abandon the mission and turn the Megapod around. William is the only one who's reachable; neither Odd nor Ulrich notice their phones ringing. Jeremie wants Aelita to continue the mission and Yumi wants to go to Earth to save Ulrich, but both are convinced that deactivating the tower is their top priority.

Odd is sitting against a tree in the park listening to music when Mr Rouiller approaches him. The man doesn't respond to the boy's greeting. Odd notices XANA's symbol in the spectres eyes too late; his remaining source codes are stolen before the spectre moves on to its next victim. Odd calls to warn Jeremie.

On the Cortex, the Megapod is suddenly attacked by several relentless Megatanks. The vehicle's energy plummets as the monsters chase it down. Finally, the girls lose the Megatanks by hiding in a sort of alleyway, waiting there to discuss their next move. It will take too long for the Megapod to recharge, and the Megatanks have already found them again! Aelita and Yumi transfer out of the vehicle and flee upwards with the Overwing's help. Unfortunately, Yumi doesn't make it. Aelita arrives at the Skid alone and makes her way back to Lyoko.

As Yumi leaves the lab to look for Ulrich, Odd finds him meditating in the gym. When he goes into the locker room to collect his things, Ulrich is ambushed by the spectre and he too loses all his codes! With Yumi devirtualised, Aelita is now the only one who can deactivate the tower! The boys split up: Ulrich will search for Yumi while Odd goes to Lyoko to help William get rid of the Bloks.

In the Mountain Sector, William is found by the Bloks and a chase begins. He's severely outnumbered, and insists that he go to Earth to help protect Yumi. Jeremie disagrees, but William willingly stands in front of the Bloks unarmed, and is devirtualised. Odd arrives to take his place.

Meanwhile, Aelita is being attacked by Kongres in the Digital Sea. Jeremie comes up with the idea of boosting the Skid's sonar to create a sort of shield around it, which would destroy any monsters it touches. The plan works and Aelita is free to get back to Lyoko.

At the school, Ulrich warns Yumi about the identity of the spectre over the phone. At that moment, it approaches Yumi, and her phone slips out of her hand. She runs. William joins Ulrich and they rush off to find their love together.

Back on Lyoko, Odd is faring decently against the Bloks. He destroys two in the name of his and Ulrich's lost codes, but is then overwhelmed and surrounded when more of the monsters arrive. They corner him at the edge of the platform, bombarding him with lasers and threatening to throw him over the edge...

Ulrich and William discover Yumi's phone lying on the ground. Yumi herself is hidden inside a classroom, but comes out when she spots Ulrich. The spectre grabs her. Ulrich races in and pulls Yumi from the gardener's grip! But the digital being isn't finished reaches for Yumi...

Aelita arrives on Lyoko just in time! The Skid rises up behind Odd and he jumps on top of the cockpit. Aelita activates the duel machine guns on the vessel, annihilating all the Bloks in no time flat before making her way to the tower.

The spectre explodes into a cloud of pixels with a loud scream. Yumi is weak, cradled in Ulrich's arms, but the side-effects mean that she still has some codes remaining...

...but it turns out to be a tiny amount. She and Aelita are the only ones left with codes, and XANA's power has climbed to 95%. They've reached their agreed limit for destroying Tyron's supercomputer.

Jeremie refuses, as they still haven't found where Anthea is yet. But Aelita insists: XANA is a huge threat, one too big to risk. The AI could easily get the remaining source codes from Aelita and Yumi and take over the entire network. Even if Aelita did get to see her mother again, would it be worth it? All their lives are put in danger as long as XANA lives. For the sake of her friends - her family - Aelita decides that it's time to destroy the Cortex.

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