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Episodes 1-19
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Episode 1 - XANA 2.0
Airdate: 19th of December (online), 5th of January (TV)
After strange electrical phenomena starts happening at the school, the gang returns to the factory to turn the Supercomputer back on and discover the cause of them. Xana has returned, from somewhere on the network. Jeremie discovers Source Codes implanted by Xana in Aelita, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi, which it intends to get back from them to gain control of the network.

Episode 2 - Cortex
Airdate: 5th of January
The heroes venture into the Digital Sea in order to track down Xana's new hideout. William intends to get back into the group, but is given the cold shoulder at first. When Odd is trapped in the cafeteria and William finds him, he uses the opportunity to go to Lyoko in his place, arriving on a new Replika known as the Cortex. Aelita finds a photo of her father on a Cortex control panel, and William is accepted into the group. Jeremie vows to help Aelita work out why they discovered the photo there.

Episode 3 - Spectromania
Airdate: 5th of January
Xana sends a spectre to attack the group. Jeremie identifies it after it has attacked Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich. Odd stays behind to occupy it while the others go to find the tower. Aelita is devirtualised, and they believe they've lost their chance to deactivate the tower. But Aelita reasons with them and asks Yumi to do it for her, and she succeeds thanks to the Source Codes inside her. Odd arrives to help deactivate a second tower and Ulrich is attacked by a clone of himself. Odd deactivates the second tower by himself. Jeremie makes the four of them Transwatches, able to monitor the percentage of Source Codes they have remaining.

Episode 4 - Madame Einstein/Mrs Einstein
French title: Madame Einstein
Airdate: 19th of January

Due to fatigue, Jeremie is one-upped by a new female student in science class. Her name is Laura, and being an IT and science lover like Jeremie she takes an interest in him and attempts to get into the group, resorting to following William to the factory to find out what they're doing. Aelita becomes jealous. The gang meanwhile return to the Cortex to try and find out more about it using their new vehicle the Megapod, but are attacked by monsters. A return to the past is launched and Laura forgets the day's events.

Episode 5 - Rivalité/Rivalry
French title: Rivalité
Airdate: 26th of January

William gets increasingly annoyed about not being able to rejoin the group, and Ulrich gets increasingly annoyed about him spending so much time with Yumi. They have a heated argument during a spectre attack - one that has taken William's form - and leave on bad terms with each other. Xana's increase in power allows it to activate another tower, forcing Ulrich to go in and deactivate it as the others can't go back in so soon. They ask William to go along with him for support, and he agrees, trying to provoke Ulrich while on Lyoko. After saving him from falling into the digital sea however, they mutually call a truce and the tower is deactivated. Ulrich thanks him and William is accepted into the group.

Episode 6 - Soupçons/Suspicions
French title: Soupçons
Airdate: 2nd of February

Jeremie rebuilds the Megapod so the gang can return to the Cortex and find out who made it. They succeed, and Jeremie finds that the Supercomputer housing the Cortex is the same as the one housing Lyoko. Aelita is devastated, thinking that her father may be behind XANA's return, but in the end realises it couldn't have been him. Meanwhile on Earth Yumi prepares a party to raise funds for her cousin's school in Japan which had been burnt down during a storm. XANA creates three spectres of a boy who tries to help her prepare the gym.

Episode 7 - Compte-à-rebours/Countdown
French title: Compte-à-rebours
Airdate: 9th of February

Samantha Suarez - Odd's ex - enrolls at Kadic and the boy tries to get close to her again. Meanwhile XANA's power boost allows it to sends a polymorphic spectre after Odd and attacks him in the cafeteria. Sam intervenes but Odd loses the ability to form proper sentences and messes things up with her. The others head to Lyoko and face off against the seemingly indestructible Blok wall, all four being devirtualised. Odd is called up to help but the spectre is still somewhere on the prowl, constantly changing its appearance.

Episode 8 - Virus
Airdate: 16th of February
Jeremie and Aelita are programming a virus to infect and destroy the Cortex and test it on Lyoko, but it doesn't work as they'd expected. They enlist Laura temporarily to help them and launch a return to the past to erase her memories, but she had sabotaged the RTTP while working on the virus, retaining some recollection of what she did, and returns to the lab to confront them. Meanwhile, the gang heads to the Cortex to find out what went wrong, but are attacked by Ninjas, mysterious new enemies. Having no choice, they must take Laura on permanently, because they can't erase her memories and she'd be invaluable to them in the fight against XANA.

Episode 9 - Comment tromper XANA/How to Fool XANA
French title: Comment tromper XANA
Airdate: 23rd of February

Jeremie and Aelita program fake source codes which will destroy any spectre that absorbs them. They test it using Ulrich as a guinea pig, injecting him with the fake codes and instructing him to wait at school until a spectre attacks, then to purposefully get caught by it.
A spectre with hypnotic powers is sent to the school. Once it catches someone's gaze, it sends them into a hypnotic trance, making them unable to move and resist the spectre when it tries to take their source codes. Ulrich catches up to it as it pursues Yumi and gives it the fake codes, destroying it just before the tower can be deactivated. The downside is that it knocks him unconscious for a while. Jeremie decides not to try it again if they can help it, as it's too risky.

Episode 10 - Le réveil du guerrier/The Warrior's Awakening
French title: Le réveil du guerrier
Airdate: 2nd of March

Ulrich can't take part in the gang's latest mission because he has a karate competition that Jim won't let him get out of. The rest of the gang return to the Cortex to find data on the mysterious Ninjas, encountering them when they try to access the terminal. Ulrich arrives after having won the competition, skipping being awarded the trophy in order to join his friends, and finds Yumi and William having difficulty against the new enemy. He passes on to them advice from Jim that helped him win the competition: be unpredictable. With the advice and a new bo staff weapon for Yumi, they manage to defeat the three Ninjas and access the terminal.

Episode 11 - Rendez-vous/Meeting
French title: Rendez-vous
Airdate: 9th of March

XANA activates two towers at once, one deactivating after the other then reactivating again. The gang heads to Lyoko to try and figure out how to stop the attack, while Aelita falls into a trap. XANA creates a spectre that looks like her mother and the two meet in a nearby building, embracing. Jeremie leaves Laura at the controls and goes to save Aelita, but she doesn't believe it's a spectre. Laura figures out the pattern in the activating and deactivating of the towers and they deactivate them before any major damage is done.

Episode 12 - Chaos à Kadic/Chaos at Kadic
French title: Chaos à Kadic
Airdate: 16th of March

After a computer error mixes up everyone's marks, Jeremie gets an alert of an activated tower, but it's nowhere to be found on Lyoko. Laura figures out it must have come from the Cortex, so the gang goes there. Laura's dad is called to the school after the mix-up. He expresses his doubts in her abilities and that he wishes for her to go to another school. Laura decides to show him the lab as proof of what she can do, and Aelita must be sent back to Earth to get Laura and her dad out of Jeremie's hair so the mission can be completed. The tower is deactivated and a return trip launched, erasing Laura's dad's memories. The group decide to keep Laura, but to only include her when absolutely necessary.

Episode 13 - Vendredi 13/Friday the 13th
French title: Vendredi 13
Airdate: 23rd of March

It's Friday the 13th and Odd can't believe his luck - he's won the lottery! He tries to use this fact to impress Samantha, but Jim stops him from catching up to her. Jeremie then finds out that lottery wins are occurring across the continent. It must be XANA's doing. The gang minus Odd goes to Sector Five and deactivates the tower. Odd then comes to the lab upset about the truth. The gang then notices that XANA used the tower as a distraction to infect the Skid with a virus, and Odd's the only one who can go to Lyoko to fix it. They end up calling in Laura to help, but they don't make any progress. Jeremie then suggests that Laura go to Lyoko to work on the problem on site, which she gets incredibly excited about. Aelita however guides Odd through fixing the virus just before Laura is transferred. Everything returns to normal and the others set Odd up with Sam after all his hard solo work.

Episode 14 - Intrusion
Airdate: 30th of March
Ulrich becomes upset after finding out Yumi wrote something mean about him in class and opts out of the mission planned for the day. Said mission is to plant a bug in the Cortex to spy on Professor Tyron and try to find out where the Supercomputer housing the Cortex is located. They run into Ninjas when planting it but all goes well...until a Ninja not destroyed in the fight hangs onto the Skid all the way back to Lyoko. William is left alone to fight it and stop it from reaching the Core of Lyoko. Yumi reconciles with Ulrich and he comes to help, stopping the Ninja before it gets far from the hangar. But unbeknownst to the Lyoko Warriors, the Ninja managed to plant something sinister-looking on the bottom of a platform before it disappeared...

Episode 15 - Les sans-codes/The Codeless
French title: Les sans-codes
Airdate: 6th of April

Odd is attacked by a spectre and loses the last of his source codes, increasing XANA's power. XANA then attacks again the same day, this time going after Ulrich and Aelita who were on Lyoko earlier trying to deactivate the first tower, and can't return to Lyoko until the next day. Odd formulates a plan to protect them, a sort of bunker in the gym guarded by a "codeless." Yumi and William go to Lyoko to deactivate the tower, but William is down in the dumps after being referred to as "codeless," implying he was never as important as the others because he couldn't deactivate towers. XANA plays on his doubts by sending a clone of him to convince him the others are against him, and the two go after Yumi. Eventually he realises the clone was wrong, and turns against it. He then reconciles with Yumi.

Episode 16 - Confusion
Airdate: 13th of April
Towers are being constantly activated and deactivated all over Lyoko. The gang decides they'll find out what's happening more easily by going to the Cortex, so they do so. When they enter the Dome, they happen upon a huge battle between XANA's monsters and Tyron's Ninjas, strange as Tyron's Supercomputer is what gives XANA access to the network. Completely baffled, Jeremie decides to arrange a meeting with Tyron. That night Aelita and Yumi are sent back to the Cortex to speak with the professor, asking if he knows about XANA. He claims that he doesn't, and that there was no way anything like XANA could be hiding in his Supercomputer. He then tries to trap the girls in the Cortex, but Jeremie pulls them out in time. The gang then realises they're up against two different enemies, rather than one.

Episode 17 - Un avenir professionnel assuré/An Assured Professional Future
French title: Un avenir professionnel assuré
Airdate: 20th of April

A man named Graven comes to Kadic looking for Jeremie and Laura, supposedly scouting for bright students to enrol in a high-ranking university of science in Switzerland. The man is actually working for Tyron, looking for bright kids in the vicinity of Lyoko's Supercomputer, which they found with the tracking device the Ninja planted in episode 14. While the others go to dispose of the device, Graven becomes convinced Laura is one of the group when she answers the questions he gave her far too well. Laura and Aelita take him to the lab before a return to the past is launched once the device is destroyed. The kids are left in peace.

Episode 18 - Obstination/Obstinacy
French title: Obstination
Airdate: 27th of April

Aelita has a nightmare about her mother. She goes to Jeremie's room to talk to him about it, but Laura is with him. She leaves disappointed. Laura and Jeremie finish the virus to destroy the Cortex and the group plans to implement it that afternoon. Odd and Ulrich can't make it because of trouble they get into that morning, but Aelita still insists on going and getting rid of the Cortex and XANA for good. Just as she's about to infect the Cortex with the virus, she sees her mother on a webcam feed in Tyron's office. Aelita still wishes to carry out the task, but the rest of the group unanimously decide to abort the mission, as there's now hope of reuniting mother and daughter.

Episode 19 - Le piège/The Trap
French title: Le piège
Airdate: 5th of May (iTunes)

Jeremie comes up with the idea of taking source codes back from XANA by capturing a spectre and getting it in the scanner. They implement the plan and it works up until the moment when the spectre explodes in the scanner and is virtualised onto Lyoko. The particle cloud it became attacks the Warriors on Lyoko, trying to get codes from them but not succeeding, putting them into a coma instead. The spectre ignores Odd because he has no source codes, so Jeremie injects him with the codes they stole from the spectre so that he can deactivate the tower. Meanwhile, Aelita resorts to social networking to try and find her mother.

Episode 19 - Espionnage/Espionage
French title: Espionnage
Airdate: 27th of July (Hungary)

Jeremie creates a program that will allow the gang to hack Tyron's surveillance system, enabling them to hear sound and speak to the person on the other side, hopefully Aelita's mother. They head for the Cortex to implement the program but are stopped by Ninjas and an unforeseen security program. Aelita is the only one left in the core, hidden from the enemy. She opts to stay there as long as possible, as she can still hear the sound coming through, in the hopes of seeing and talking to Anthea. Meanwhile a clone is used to replace her at the school, causing even more problems for the group. In the end, Aelita manages to convince her mother that she is alive, before being devirtualised.

Episode 21 - Faux-semblants/False Pretences
French title: Faux-semblants
Airdate: 28th of July (Hungary)

As the Lyoko Warriors prepare to enjoy a nice, sunny day, XANA launches an attack. The group is split up, which complicates things a lot: the spectre sent is polymorphic, assuming the appearances of the Warriors themselves. Nobody can tell who is who and paranoia settles in. To make matters worse, XANA sends fake virtual clones of the gang on Lyoko to stop them from reaching the tower.

Episode 22 - Mutinerie/Mutiny
French title: Mutinerie
Airdate: 29th of July (Hungary)

Laura and Jeremie finish their virus. Laura is keen to implement it immediately and destroy the Cortex and XANA, but Jeremie insists they wait until Aelita has made more progress with her mother. Meanwhile William has another argument with Ulrich. Laura takes the opportunity to try and recruit William for her cause, and after some persuading he agrees. She sends him into the Cortex, but when he arrives, he is greeted by a massive army of Krabes and no Megapod. Not soon after, the Scyphozoa makes its reappearance! It captures William, and it's up to Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich to set him free again. Laura is kicked out of the group and has her memory erased for what she did.

Episode 23 - Le blues de Jeremy/Jeremy's Blues
French title: Le blues de Jeremy
Airdate: 30th of July (Hungary)

Jeremie makes a colossal mistake. It's Aelita's birthday and someone is trying to hack the Supercomputer using a data packet designed by Franz Hopper. Could it be Anthea? Jeremie sends Odd and Ulrich to check out the hub that sent the packet, but they end up walking straight into a trap. The hub fights back, transmitting a virus to the Supercomputer through the Skid and badly damaging the superscan and the holomap. The Skid is also destroyed in the process. While Jeremie struggles to come to turn with his mistake, it's up to Aelita to try and solve the problem.

Episode 24 - Paradoxe temporel/Temporal Paradox
French title: Paradoxe temporel
Airdate: 31st of July (Hungary)

A tower is activated on the Cortex, but there is no sign of a spectre in sight. When they arrive, they find a purple-coloured tower, rather than a red one. Tyron was the one who activated it! They are soon surrounded by Ninjas and swallowed up in a huge ball of light, all but Yumi who manages to escape and William who wasn't present at the time. The sphere is a time bubble that traps Odd, Aelita and Ulrich in a time loop during gym class that morning, producing a signal clear enough for Tyron to track so he can find them on Earth. The gang must destroy the bubble before the signal repeats enough times to become clear...but will it be worth it if Laura accidentally reveals their secret to Tyron anyway?

Episode 25 - Hécatombe/Massacre
French title: Hécatombe
Airdate: 1st of August (Hungary)

While Aelita and Yumi are on a mission on the Cortex, a spectre attacks at the school. Odd and Ulrich are unreachable, the girls must double back and deactivate the tower. Unforuntately, Yumi is devirtualised... Things become tough when Odd has his codes once again stolen by the spectre, followed by Ulrich! It's a massacre! Aelita is the only one who can deactivate the tower...

Episode 26 - Ultime mission/Ultimate Mission
French title: Ultime mission
Airdate: 2nd of August (Hungary)

Our heroes are on the cortex to inject Tyron's supercomputer with their virus. This should be their ultimate mission that will allow them to annihilate Xana. But it's a failure. They must wait twelve hours to be virtualised again, return to the cortex and finish their mission. Only, an unpredicted event happens. Tyron goes to the school and proves himself to be the legal guardian of Aelita! He gives her a terrible choice: find her mother again or infect his supercomputer. Aelita chooses to infect the supercomputer, convinced that her mother would agree with her. Seeing things get away from him, and wanting to avoid the destruction of his supercomputer by a virus at all costs, Tyron decides to shut it down. Odd, William, Ulrich and Aelita, who were already on the inside, risk being thrown into the digital sea forever. Our heroes get out of it just in time and turn their own supercomputer off, paralysing Xana. They've succeeded! Only, Tyron's supercomputer isn't really destroyed, just shut down. And if he manages to turn it on again and counter their virus... The Lyoko Warriors must remain on their guards.
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Link2Hyrule Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Looks like a great list. Anyone know if there's a similar list for the original Code Lyoko in French with English subs?
A-queenoffairys Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've only ever seen one episode in French with English subs, and that was Lab Rat back when Cartoon Network skipped over it. The English dub is so accurate there was never really any need for anyone to sub the French episodes.
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Is this journal continuously updating?
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blckstr09 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
who here thinks laura should be a lyoko warrior she can cause less trouble that way
TheRisenChaos Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Eeeh, I really dislike this show. The acting's bad, the dubbing's attrocious, the computer animated designs look like a step down from the original, good characters like Sissi have lost relevance, XANA should not be back after he very clearly DIED at the end of the original show, and I just cannot see William as an ally for good. He made a much cooler villain, IMO.
strangelyscott Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Episode 8 summary is wrong. The virus didn't damage the supercomputer as it was a dummy virus they were testing. And Laura altered the RTTP so that she would remember.
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I wrote it before watching it the second time, and forgot to update it. Thanks.

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Oh I'm well aware; the full descriptions I put up on the group journal are translated versions of them. Episode 8's one is taking a while to come out though, I'm not all that good at making them up myself.
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or maybe BOTH?I mean like....Ulrich and William was fighting over Yumi while Aelita and Laura fighting over Jeremy? :D
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PinkAelita1 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
episode 5 we think is A deffent William and Ulrich episode, proberly fighting over Yumi
Laura may get intoduced in episode 4, but she will not be a main charater for a number of episodes
PurpleRose128 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Alright. I wanted to think it was William and Ulrich, but Laura's supposed to make Aelita jealous this season so... you never know. =P
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